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Partners | Inno's collaboration with BMSF

· fight hepatitis,Public Health,Inclusive work place

Partners: Qichuang Social Work Service Centre, Comprehensive Family Service Centre of Shayuan Community, Guangzhou Volunteer Federation, Guangdong/Guangzhou Communist Youth League, Institute for Civil Society and Non-Profit Incubator.

The Need: In 2013, the population of migrant workers in China, who are at high-risk for hepatitis C (HCV) infection, reached a peak of 269 million; 83.5% had limited training in hepatitis and health care access and 16.5% had no training in those areas. INNO applied information it had gathered about hepatitis B (HBV) prevention programs supported by the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation’s Delivering Hope initiative and concluded that engaging stakeholders and implementing community-based training would help communities respond to hepatitis, especially among vulnerable groups such as migrant workers and mobile individual, namely hawkers, food vendors, etc.

The Project: INNO will work with community partners to establish 10 community-based HCV Intervention Centers that will focus on improving self-screening and protection against HBV and HCV infections. Community-based social and welfare organizations will be trained to add HBV and HCV support services to those provided for target beneficiaries. A community hotline and Wechat – mobile text messaging - accounts will be set up to disseminate information and generate feedback about the program. About 10,000 mobile people and 20,000 family members are expected to directly benefit from the effort.


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